NBA COMBINE -- Measurements & Test Scores recorded by Austin Wiley during the 2018 NBA Combine.
THEY'RE BACK -- Announcement graphics for the Student-Athletes to post on their social accounts before the NBA Draft & after various workouts, when they knew they were coming back.
THROUGH THE NUMBERS -- Auburn Basketball at a glance performing on the Classroom & on the Court.
MARKETING -- ​​​​​​​Team poster & e-mail marketing materials.
SCHEDULE ANNOUNCEMENTS -- For use on social platforms promoting a tournament, a specific game or matchups during the year. Countdown will be updated as milestones get reached.
SEC SEASON  -- the task here was to create a unique look for SEC season. In collaboration with Derik Ortiz, abstract artist from Puerto Rico, a new background was hand painted and used digitally for this look. Below is the process in 4 images from start to finish.
IMAGERY -- short sample of pictures taken during games.
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